SquarePlan Announces Partnership with G|Code

Technology as a unifier between individuals of different backgrounds, skills and beliefs, sits at the core of SquarePlan’s message. So when we discovered G|Code while researching co-living communities in Boston, it was an immediate fit.

G|Code offers the Roxbury, MA community a home for minority women, and the opportunity to learn, share, and employ their technical skills out in the real world. 

Bridgette Wallace, founder and CEO, devised the 24-month intensive program, or Cohort Development, for 5-7 enterprising young women with an interest and aptitude for computers or technology. In her words, “…sustainable community development addresses the combined determinants of economic viability and promote income and opportunity equity.” 

How they’ll get there, is through encouraging shared experiences via communal living, residents who learn and work while preserving the character of their neighborhood, and a program built especially for a group tech appears to be leaving behind

Leveraging SquarePlan, G|Code will maintain greater control and oversight over the maintenance and improvement of the G|Code House. Bridgette knows the value of facilitating the best environment, as it translates to program participants giving the best they can. We’re just the framework to get her there.   

Coding remains one of the strongest practice areas within STEM. Simply put, it’s a vehicle for all people to define what they want, and who they want to become. SquarePlan supports that message every day, and one look at our team confirms it.    

Just as we’re the next generation of building management technology, Bridgette’s important work ensures the next generation technologist will represent more of what our community actually looks like today. 

We look forward to implementing our technology when G|Code goes live with their first Cohort Development this Fall. Best of luck to the participants, and to Bridgette for all her hard work and sacrifice!

The SquarePlan Team with thegcodehouse.com