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Most asked questions

What is unique about SquarePlan?

SquarePlan uses artificial intelligence to automate communication and tasks for operations and maintenance. Its interface gathers all features in one single place, and uses machine learning to understand a number of criterias such as topic, urgency, or stakeholder concerned. All buildings share similarities but each property is different. No more useless phone calls or emails: SquarePlan allows managers to drastically improve their efficiency while bringing more transparency to residents.

Which devices can I use with SquarePlan?

SquarePlan adapts to every device possible.

Can I bring my maintenance team to SquarePlan?

Yes. In fact, we will work with the maintenance team that is already in place or any company you would like us to integrate in the system. When you subscribe to any offer, you will have the possibility to enter the details of your superintendents, handymen and janitorial companies and any other providers you want to integrate in the interface.

Is there any annual contract or commitment to SquarePlan?

No. You can sign up and leave at any time. No commitment, no annual contract.

Where is SquarePlan available?

At the moment, SquarePlan is mostly available in the US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Switching to SquarePlan

Is there any specific knowledge or information needed prior to using SquarePlan?

No. Residents/users do not need to create any profile or download any app. Property and Facility management teams get use to the web interface in minutes: zero training needed.

What kind of property is SquarePlan intendend to?

SquarePlan can be used in any residential and commercial real estate property, no matter the number of units, square footage or users.

For residential property managers, owners and landlords

1. Subscribe.

2. Tell us about your properties, tenants and property management team.

3. Enjoy SquarePlan!

For facility managers & commercial owners

1. Subscribe.

2. Tell us about your properties, users and facility team.

3. Enjoy SquarePlan!

Is SquarePlan available for individuals who manage / rent their own properties?

Yes. You can subscribe to SquarePlan and set up the details for your own interface, no matter how many units you manage.

How long does it take to implement the interface?

It usually takes between 1h and 24h after signing up. Zero training, nothing to download, nothing to install, no tenant profile creation.

Yes, for real.

Offers and pricing

Is there an onboarding fee?

No. And there will never be. No hidden fees.

Does SquarePlan include maintenance service?

No. You have the possibility to integrate all maintenance staff and providers you are working with in the system, so requests and information can be dispatched to them directly.

Is there any minimum number of units per month required?

No. We just don’t see why there should be.

Is there a termination fee?

No. And there will never be. No hidden fees.

What if I need additional features not included in my plan?

We developed SquarePlan with landlords, real estate developers, property and facility managers and their tenants. We are always open to hear your feedback and more than happy to hear from you! Give us some feedback at

Other questions

What if my question does not appear here?

Feel free to use the contact form or shoot us an email at

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